from 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Raadhuskælderen’s charcuterie 118,- per person (minimum two persons)
Serrano ham, truffle-, fennel- and ‘beer’-sausage, salted almonds, olives, cornichons og bread


Smoked salmon with sauce verte 118,-

Baked French goat cheese served on a bed of crisp lettuce sprinkled with virgin olive oil 98,-

Tomato soup with sour cream 92,-

Snails in garlic butter 108,-

Look in the menu of the month
on the front page


Fish of the day with seasonal garnish 272,-

Vegetarian dish with fried celeriac with sauteed kale and walnuts, cranberry salsa, herb and sprout salad, fig and balsamic glaze and todays potato 188,-

Vegan salad with beetroot hummus, avocado and salted almonds 168,-

Breast of young chicken with seasonal vegetables, tarragon sauce and todays potatoe 188,-

Rack of lamb with tzatziki, rosemary sauce, seasonal garnish and today’s potato 298,-

Look in the menu of the month
on the front page

From the barbecue

Steaks are served with Your choice of sauce and potato.

Rib-eye, Canada 300g 398,-

Tenderloin 200g 358,-

Striploin, grain-fed Angus 200g 288,-

Entrecôte, grain-fed Angus 350g 328,-

T-bone, Danish Jersey 550g 368,-

Chateaubriand for two 400g Roasted tenderloin centerpiece per person 348,-

Minced tenderloin 250g 178,-

Burger Our Way approx. 225g
Brioche bun, minced beef, cheddar, bacon, pickled red onion, barbeque, chili mayo and fries 178,-
ADD: gratinated goat cheese 18,-


Cheesecake with fruit coulis and champagne sorbet 118,-

Ice Cream 108,-

Creme brullee with fruit coulis 108,-

Cheese platter 138,-
with 5 different cheeses

Petit four 2 pieces 58,-

See also the dessert of the month

Children’s menu (under 12 years old)

Entree and dessert 128,-

Spaghetti Bolognaise 88,-

Fish filet with French fries 88,-

Danish red sausages with salad and French fries 88,-

Burger with salad and French fries 98,-

Ice cream with 2 scoops from Hansens Is 62,-