LUNCH FROM 11:00 TO 15:30


Marinated herring 72,-
with onions and capers

Curry herring 72,-
With onion, capers and egg

Pickled Chrstiansø herring 72,-

with onions, capers and sour cremé

Fried fish filet 78,-
w remoulade and lemon

Fried fish filet 98,-

with hand-peeled shrimps and mayo

Hand-peeled shrimps 118,-

on white bread with mayonnaise and lemon

Chicken salad with bacon on toast 78,-

Roastbeef with remoulade, fried onions and horseradish 78,-

Beef tartare 88,-
w raw egg yolk, red onions, capers and horse radish

1/2 Beef tartare 62,-

Small tenderloin steak with pan-fried onions 88,-

Minced beef-steak app 225 gr. 138,-
On fried toast, served with raw egg yolk, chopped onions, capers, horseradish and beetroots

Burger App 225gr. 168,-
w bacon, cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, mild chili mayo and fries

Club sandwich with chicken breast, bacon, curry dressing and fries 148,-

Mild cheese 62,-
on white bread

Old Danish cheese 76,-
on brown bread

Gorgonzola 78,-
with raw egg yolk, and toasted brown bread


Salmon salad 138,-
mixed salad with pieces of smoked salmon, salted cashews and sauce verte

Chicken Ceasar salad 138,-
mixed salad with chicken, parmesan and mustard dressing

Goat cheese salad 138,-
mixed salad with baked goat cheese, glazed nuts and olive oil


Tomato soup 88,-
With creme fraiche and bread


Minced tenderloin beefsteak, from grill approx. 225 gr. 172,-
served with salad, sauce bearnaise and fries

Veal Filet app. 200gr. 198,-

w sauce bearnaise, mixed salad and fries

Entrecote app. 350 gr. 268,-

w sauce bearnaise, mixed salad and fries

Grilled beef tenderloin app. 200 gr. 276,-
w mixed salad, bearnaise and fries

U.S. Rib-eye app. 300 gr. w mixed salad, bearnaise and fries 322,-


Ice cream 98,-
Hansen ice cream

Petit four, 2 pcs. 58,-

Coffee and today’s cake 74,-

Children’s menu (under 12 years old)

Entree and dessert 128,-

Burger with French fries and salad 98,-

Fish filet with French fries 88,-

2 Danish red sausages with French fries and salad 88,-

Ice cream with 2 scoops Hansens Is 62,-